Production and Technology

Production area of «VELAM» Company is the complex of buildings and facilities of developed infrastructure and utility systems.

They operate complex textile lines, unique complexes of sewing machines, modern equipment to produce mattresses. The Company has implemented and uses the following unique high technologies:

• Production technology of «Spryut» material is the unique formation of fibre enabling to fabricate fillers and hard wadding for mattresses of nay density, composition and purpose.

• «MaxiAir» technology is designed to fabricate frameless (foam frameless) mattress core providing maximum level of permeability to air and hygiene of the products, ensures optimum balance of warm when a person takes a rest.

• 150 professions create products bringing comfort and coziness into the consumers’ houses.

Complex textile lines producing fibre fillers, hard wadding and nonwoven fabric; the newest quilting and tape edge equipment, unique complexes of sewing machines; modern spring making equipment are operated in spacious and light rooms. It is here in these workshops where the products considered being the best in Ukraine is fabricated. The products that bring warmth, betters the mood, keeps spirits and body in sound condition.

It is here that «VELAM» creates your dreams.