Instructions on how to upkeep the pillows

General recommendations:

1. Pillows shall be used together with bed-clothes.

2. It is allowed to wash pillows (except latex ones) at temperature of up to 40 degrees using delicate mode of laundry and delicately removing moisture by hands. Thus the shape, volume of the filler and the article as a whole remain.

3. Ornamental articles (pillows) shall be cleaned by napkin soaked in washing solution.

4. The pillows shall be dried on horizontal surface.

Additional recommendations:

1. Every day in the morning whip up a pillow.

2. Once a week aerate the pillow in the open air.

3. Wash the pillow two-three times a year.

4. While the pillow is wet please shape it by evenly spreading the filler.

5. A place where you dry the pillow shall be properly aerated.

6. Pillow can be dried by natural way or in a cylindrical drier.

7. To make a pillow dry faster it is recommended to periodically turn it over and shake it.

8. Durability of the pillow with synthetic filler is of five years but we recommend you to change the pillow once in a two years period.