Non-woven materials

Non-woven materials of the Company`s own production represent a significant portion of the whole amount of products. Every non-woven material is unique and diversified on its properties, structure and characteristics. These materials include "Sprut", "Thermoflex", «Thermofelt» and "ИзоВелW" materials. Besides, in order you to really experience the exclusive comfort on our mattresses when you repose on them, the Company uses different purchased articles required to produce our products. These are different soft fillers and hard wadding which better the mattresses properties, providing every article with its own singularity.

Volumetric nonwoven material «Sprut»

    Volumetric nonwoven material «Sprut» is not a new one in Ukrainian material market. For the first time in the former Soviet Union area the production of the material had started in Nikolaev City in 1998. After long-lasting tests, amendments and modifications on technology of its production then it was established that the most optimal use of it can be the use in the capacity of wadding material in the furniture on the basis of spring boxes. Another feature of interest concerning the material is that it has advanced new solutions in the mattresses production technology.
    «Sprut»© is the volumetric nonwoven fibred hard wadding material. Enhances effect of springiness and durability of a mattress` surface. Own (Trade Mark «VELAM») technologies of failsafe combination of polyethyleneterephthalate fibre with fibres of cotton, wool, cannabis create the main qualities of materials for mattresses: maximum level of permeability to air, heat generation and heat exchange. The materials are environmentally safe and treated by high temperature.

«Thermoflex» material

   «Thermoflex» material is an analogue of «Sprut» material. And though similar raw materials are used to produce it, namely mixture of polyester fibres and regenerated fibres of cotton and wool, but due to change of technology there the fibres orientation has been changed in the material structure: from vertical to horizontal one. All that has lead to the fact that «Thermoflex» non-woven material differs from «Sprut» material: it is more flexible and durable; both materials are of high permeability to air.
   «Thermoflex»-the plates out of mixture of recovered or polyethyleneterephthalate fibres. Elastic volumetric structure out of compacted horizontal layers of fibres combines stability and elasticity of the surface at the same time, enlarges height of the mattress and at the same time distributes the load (Trade Mark «VELAM»).

Thermo-bonded nonwoven material «Thermofelt»

«Thermofelt» is the hard wadding material, the product of thermal bonding of fibres and integral part of the mattress of high quality. Purpose of it is to distribute load and provision of stable protection of soft wadding against metal structure of the spring box (Trade Mark «VELAM»).
Selection of the fibres composition and density of materials enables to model certain properties of the mattresses` models, neutralizing or enhancing their level of stiffness or elasticity.
The material is produced in the form of plates (sheets) and in the form of rolls of 10-50 meters depending on the material density.
Field of application:
• furniture industry - hard wadding when making mattresses and formation of upholstered furniture;
• automobile production - when forming details in the capacity of sound-adsorbing insulant.

«Velaflex» material

 Polyester batting of trade mark "Wellaflex" is produced using modern equipment selected by specialists of the Company from different international producers and which have high parameters of efficiency.
In the course of assembly of the new line they used the KNOW HOW of production-trading company "VELAM" concerning method of cross-lapping and formation of fibres wadding. The obtained result proves the main idea of KNOW HOW implementation - to maximally keep unique properties of springing and elasticity of polyester spiral-shaped fibres.
High quality polyester fibres of high ecological compatibility are the raw materials for production of "WELLAFLEX" material. «WELLAFLEX» material in the process of its production obtains different properties which are set depending on purpose of use.

The material can be used:
• as the volumetric soft filler when producing overalls, overclothes, home textile, etc;
• as the volumetric soft wadding when producing mattresses, formatting of upholstered furniture.