«...To know how to sleep is the highest level of genius» Søren Kierkegaard,Danish philosopher (1813-1855)

    Stylish and elegant collection of articles, unique combination of exquisiteness, comfort and perfect quality.
The mattresses for those who reaches after pleasures, new impressions and emotions. Distinguishing features of products of «ПРЕМИУМ» series made by famous and prestigious brand of «VELAM» - durability, usability, perfect art of production and at the same time the products are stylish, useful and aesthetic.
«PREMIUM»series mattresses have exclusive fabrics, specific textile of wadding, justified combinations of core elements;
- it is the privilege of exquisite customer.



«Sleep is a curtailment of life in order to prolong it»
Tadeusz Kotarbiński, Polish philosopher (1886-1981)

   Ecological compatibility and aesthetics are fundamental values of a home territory. Unique (patented) Company-specific technology «МахАir»© of frame-less structure of articles for sleep is unique and uncompromising. Absolute permeability to air of the created compositions is the perfect hygiene of a space.
   Perfect quality of the quilted surfaces, elegant lines of bound seams determine exquisiteness of the articles, singularity of their creation and durability. Ecological cleanness and comfort of the mattresses mean perfect sleep, good spirits and health.


«Life and dreams are the pages of the same book»
Arthur Schopenhauer, German thinker (1788-1860)

Laconic and yet perfect articles meeting harmony requirements of usability, comfort and perfect hygiene.
Distinct and simple lines, excellent fabrics, ideal style and modern tendencies of «rough» character for the new generation.
What else can be more pleasant and useful than a comfortable rest to keep fresh emotions for the whole day?



«...healthy sleep of a child – it is such a sleep when both the adults and children are much pleased and comfortable!»
Komarovskiy E.O., doctor

    It is of great importance to children to see happy eyes of the parents and feel caress of when they touch a child. And healthy sleep of a child can be ensured by laconic air-permeable mattresses, optimal stiffness of which is checked using the specialized laboratory equipment. Conclusive check of ecological cleanness and hygienic properties of each type of materials used in children’s mattresses production and then similar but comprehensive inspection of the finished products reflects actual responsibility of the Company for a children’s health before their parents. These criteria are of priority when designing models and purchasing the materials.
    Another reason why «VELAM» Company is unique in Ukraine is that only the Company`s specific mattresses for children (series «Baby») have passed the complete voluntarily certification to conformity of strict requirements on safety and quality established by European community.