«Creating home products... we are endeavoring at perfection»
(Extract from development strategy PTF «VELAM»)

Global quality is the main principle of sustainable development of «VELAM».

   Integrated system of management (ISM) of the company processes is certified to complying international standards ISO (OHSAS) requirements. Its influence is seen in each process of the company activity.
Quality of the company products is the system of numerous processes and operations, it is sequential and continuous control of the product till the product is shipped to the consumers and partners.
Name of «VELAM» is enrolled in Honourable Book of Quality of European commodities producers, this name is renowned in «Golden Trade Mark of Ukraine» and this name resides on prestigious Business-Olympus of the national rating.
   All the used materials (fabric, fillers, hard wadding, etc) and all the products of PTF «VELAM» have passed the sanitary-epidemiological researches stated by the legislation. Safety of use of the manufactures products is confirmed by appropriate conclusions and reports.

   «Healthy technologies» - this name can be given to appraise processes to create «VELAM» Company products for sleep. Use of «MaxiAir»© technology - creation of frameless (foam-frameless) mattresses core with breathing side stripe of quilted cover provides optimal balance of warm generated by human body. Hence, climate-control effect is created - the essential sign of comfort and absence of dust mites and anaerobic bacteria.
It is essential also that the technology does not require to significantly using the bonding solutions - it is the feature of environmental responsible products.

   Clinical researches of the Company mattresses confirm not their safety only but also their ability to prevent negative transformation of the spinal column, and when required to minimize sense of discomfort of possible pathology of osseous-articular system.

   In October 2016 PTF «VELAM» has successfully completed the process of voluntary certification of the products and has met requirements on declaration of conformity of quality and safety of the products established for industrial enterprise of European Union countries.