Pillow «FLOWER»

1Mixture of different polyester fibers with high twist and softness

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Pillow «FLOWER» 40х60 171
    Pillow «FLOWER» 50х70 219
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Pillow «FLOWER» 60х60 225
    Pillow «FLOWER» 70х70 264
  • Pillow is the very personal part of bedding. Comfortable and correct head position is a guarantee of worthy rest.
    «FLOWER» pillow is an example of classical pillow ensuring favorable conditions for sleeping. Flexibility of bulky structure allows to produce effect of streamlining of head contour and to fix head in the most convenient position.
    Filler - mixture of different polyester fibers of high twist and softness.

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