Mattress cover «Latex-Light»

1cover detail of quilted fabric

2core – latex 3 cm high

3cover detail of non-quilted fabric

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 190×80 2346
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 190×90 2610
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 190×160 4473
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 190×180 4998
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 1776
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 200×80 2349
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 200×90 2619
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 200×160 4482
    Mattress cover «Latex-Light» 200×180 5007
  • «LATEX-LIGHT» mattress-case practically is a thin mattress. By using it you can change browned-off sensations of sleep on habitual old mattresses and, particularly, on sofas. The mattress-case will come to your help as a temporary sleeping berth and fits very well for fitness and children’s games.

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