1cover: quilted with «Sprut» filler, , fabric – cotton

2core – «Sprut» nonwoven fabric with additions of hemp fibers

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 190х70 1242
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 190×80 1416
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 190×90 1593
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 200х70 1305
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 200×80 1491
    Mattress «FAVORITE-BIO» P 200×90 1677
  • «FAVORITE-BIO» P. The mattress favor is the use of natural hemp fibers possessing disinfecting, bactericidal and refreshing properties in basic filler. Hemp fibers are unique natural material which properties are known for ages (national process technologies are used).
    Quilted cover of cotton fabric, materials of polyester fabrics are used as filler. 100% of hygiene and ecological safety.

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