Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE»

1cover: quilted on «Sprut» bulky filler with wool and cotton fibers («Winter -Summer» effect), main fabric – knit, edge ribbon fabric - jacquard;

2core – strengthened spring unit of self-contained «Pocket Springs»

3wadding - coconut coir

4wadding - latex

5permissible load on one sleeping berth - 120/140kg.

6mattress stiffness level - 3/4 (1 cushioned - 5 hard)

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 190×80 5040
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 190×90 5670
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 190×140 7743
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 190×160 8850
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 190×180 9954
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 3984
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 200×80 5310
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 200×90 5970
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 200×140 8148
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 200×160 9312
    Spring mattresses «SAPPHIRE» 200×180 10479
  • «SAPPHIRE». Indisputable merit of the mattress is elastic, but springy core of «Pocket» springs made of large-diameter wire (d=1.9 mm). Springiness of one of sides is increased by using coconut coir wadding and elasticity of the other is stressed by latex wadding. The effect preferably called by majority «orthopedic» one is created, i.e. maximum comfortable perception of both surfaces. The mattress is ranked as product with combined (versatile) stiffness.

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