Spring mattresses «PLATINUM»

1cover: quilted on «Sprut» bulky filler with wool and cotton fibers («Winter -Summer» effect), main fabric – knit, edge ribbon fabric - jacquard;

2core – spring Ø - 40mm. of self-contained different-resistance «Multi Pocket Springs»

3wadding - latex

4permissible load on one sleeping berth - 120kg.

5mattress stiffness level - 3 (1 cushioned - 5 hard)

6 «5-ZONE»

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «PLATINUM» 200×160 17364
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 6516
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «PLATINUM» 200×180 19536
  • «PLATINUM» is a stylish, modern spring mattress which merits are determined by a harmonic effect of multiple different-resistance springs of special «Multi Pocket Spring» unit.

    Core made of self-contained springs is covered by latex waddings as supplement to excellent surface elasticity. Final accent consists in quilted knitted cover.

    Deep quitting technology for high-quality textile set, including bulky fillers with selective use of cotton and wool fibers («Winter -Summer» effect) is a real evidence of belonging of the mattress to Premium products.

    • [18] -regulated mattress height (see)
    • (23) - the overall height of the mattress (see)
    • The weight of 1m2 of the Platinum mattress is 14.00 kg. (± 5%)

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