Spring mattresses «GREEN»

1Cover: quilted on bulky filler with wool and cotton fibers with zip fastener on one side, main fabric - knitwear, boarding fabric – jacquard

2Core – spring unit of self-contained «Multi-Zone Pocket Spring» «MZPS» (21 zones)

3Wadding - nonwoven material "Velaflex" from 100% polyester fibers, that has high hypoallergenic features

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×80 3648
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×90 4104
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×120 4605
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×140 5370
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×160 6135
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 190×180 6900
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 2880
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×80 3843
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×90 4320
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×120 4842
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×140 5652
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×160 6456
    Spring mattresses «GREEN» 200×180 7266
  • As a core there is high quality multi-zones spring unit "MZPS" (Multi-Zonal Pocket Spring), made by VELAM company on Swiss equipment Spuhl.
    As a wadding there is eco friendly nonwoven material VELAFLEX from 100% polyester fibers. These fibers are biological stabile, with hypoallergenic and antistatic properties. Special technology of thermo bonding makes possible to produce material without glue.
    As a final component of the perfect mattress - volumetric cover that quilted on unique material Sprut with additions of cotton fibers.
    Important! Was excluded the using of woolen and other fibers that can cause even light signs of allergy. Mattress GREEN - the product for customers with extra sensitive perception of the environment.

    * [ 18 ] -base mattress height (cm.), ( 22 ) -overall mattress height (cm.)
    Weight of 1m2 of «Green» mattress - 12.29 kg. (±5%)

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