Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT»

1cover: quilted on «Sprut» bulky filler with wool and cotton fibers («Winter -Summer» effect) with zip fastener on one end side, main fabric – knit, edge ribbon fabric - jacquard;

2wadding - «Sprut» nonwoven fabric with additions of coconut fibers;

3wadding - latex

4hard wadding «Thermofelt»

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 190×80 5679
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 190×90 6390
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 190×160 10266
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 190×180 11547
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 4299
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 200×80 5982
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 200×90 6726
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 200×160 10803
    Springless mattresses «TIGER-LIGHT» 200×180 12156
  • If you want to use low-height mattress, take notice of «TIGER-LIGHT». Specially designed nonwoven material with coconut fibers, in combination with elastic latex waddings and hard «Thermofelt» nonwoven fabric, create a unique body support system. Absolute air permeability and thermal conductivity.
    Bulky and soft structure of knitted fabric of which the quilted cover is made gives additional comfort to mattress.

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