Springless mattresses «KOTOFEY»

1cover: quilted with «Sprut» filler, fabric – cotton

2core – «Sprut» nonwoven fabric with additions of hemp fibers

3wadding - coconut coir

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  • Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Springless mattresses «KOTOFEY» 120×60 690
    Springless mattresses «KOTOFEY» 125×62 816
    Custom products 1 sq.m. 1104
    Name Size Cost, grn(uah)
    Springless mattresses «KOTOFEY» 140×60 819
  • «KOTOFEY». The use of unique hemp fibers in branded «Sprut» materials is popular in cores of children’s mattress models. The mattress not only breathes, but also protects child from bacterial attack. Combination with coconut coir wadding provides an additional springiness of product.
    Traditionally, for children’s mattresses there is quilted cover of cotton fabrics.


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    Send at 03.03.15

    Качественный детский матрац, а не рыночная дешевка с наполнением из тряпок и отходов!!! Лучшее детям!

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