For sure, it is a mattress which is the main element of any kind of bed. But we should bear in mind that whatever «great» is and yet proper attention should also be paid to bedding which can increase the feel of comfort. We propose to have a look at the Company`s bedding which would perfectly further the bedchamber and highlight distinctness of the bed.
Blankets, pillows, bed pads - all these things are made to create the feel of comfort. A pillow is the very personal element of bedding. Comfortable and correct head position ensures your proper repose.


Pillows «METELIK» and «KVYTKA» are the examples of a classic pillow ensuring favourable conditions for a good sleep. Flexibility of volumetric structure enables to create effect of the head contours shaping and fix it in the most comfortable position. Filler is a mixture of different polyester fibres of high twist and softness..

Pillows made of latex molded parts provide anatomic effect of head support during the sleep. The pillow surface has a favourable influence on blood circulation producing maximum relaxing effect.


Every bedroom should be furnished with soft, light quilted blankets.
Fillers of «ASSOL» and «KAPUCHINO» blankets are volumetric fabrics made by using special technology, fibrous feather beds are airy and light.
«ASSOL» is a light, «breathing» blanket. Filler of siliconized polyester fibres forms warm barrier for external air.
«ASSOL-2» - set of two detachable blankets (with knit fastener) which ensures different degree of warm at any season of the year.
«KAPUCHINO» - blanket filler includes natural fibres of merino wool producing specific warm.


  «LATEX» bed pad is actually a thin mattress. By using it you can change boring feel of sleep on habitual old mattresses and the more so on sofas. The bed pad will be of help as a temporary sleeping berth and fits very well for fitness and children’s games.

«CHAMPION» bed-pads- products supplementing specific properties of sleep zone. The possibility to ensure a proper hygiene level which means coziness and comfort is an important component for mattresses. The beautiful and high-quality product protects mattress surface against probable contaminations. Specific structure of the bed-pad filler enables to preserve all specific properties of mattress models.
«BARVINOK» and «CONTINENTAL» bed-pads are made on the basis of volumetric non-woven cloth out of polyester fibres.


    Textile protection out of different dense non-woven synthetic cloth.
One cannot imagine any mattress of «PREMIUM» series unless it is furnished with that feature.
Use of a palliasse prevents dust contamination of lower part of a mattress located on a lamellar basis.
Cover remains clean and undamaged for a long period of time.